The Program and the Participants in the 14th School for Young Leaders

The Call for Applications was posted on the social media profiles of President Ivanov and of the School for Young Leaders on May 31, 2023, and remained open until June 21, 2023. Over 50 young people applied and the majority of them met the application requirements and provided the documents listed in the Call which included references, a CV, a diploma, and an essay on the general topic “Education – Transformation – Leadership” (in English, up to 500 words). Additionally, candidates with an average grade of higher education equal to or greater than 8.5 (or equivalent if the diploma was obtained abroad), working experience, and a Master’s Degree in the relevant field were considered to have an advantage in the selection process. Fluency in the English language was required since it is the working language during the entire program of the School.

The selection process of the candidates was carried out by representatives of the Cabinet of former President Ivanov, ICAC and ISLAA. The 41 candidates who were selected to participate in the 14th School for Young Leaders came from different educational and professional backgrounds. They all shared a common willingness and readiness to learn and develop their leadership skills.

The applicants were informed of their selection to be participants on August 7th, 2023, and were sent an acceptance email with an information package containing the Program, the Code of Conduct, the Participants Brochure with information about the program, the lecturers and brief information for each participant etc.

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