The Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association (ISLAA) is an organization that maintains long-term relations with existing and future members, provides support to its members, and is a dedicated partner of the School of Leaders conference organized under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Macedonia 2009-2019, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov.

ISLAA’s vision is to establish itself as a strongly interconnected alumni association by creating an influential leadership entity.

Its main aims include maintaining long-term and productive relations among alumni members; promoting the fundamental values of leadership through its actions; and promoting the spirit of leadership in the communities where alumni members live and work.

ISLAA is fully devoted to fulfilling its vision, mission and statute, by implementing innovative initiatives, and alumni members bear moral and collective responsibility to support ISLAA’s activities and abide by the universal principles of solidarity, equality and mutual respect. 

ISLAA’s activities are wide-ranging and in line with the School of Leaders’ vision to promote and stimulate leadership in all segments of society and ensure progress through interdisciplinary action.

ISLAA fulfils its goals through activities such as collaborative projects, panel discussions, debates, roundtables, co-operation with private and public organizations, embassies, citizens’ associations, alumni organizations, universities, etc.

Established in 2011, ISLAA has three goals:

1. To maintain long-term and productive co-operation and relations among alumni

2. To establish the fundamental leadership values and principles through its activities

3. To promote the spirit of leadership in the community in which the alumni work

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