Day 12 – Final Lectures at the 14th School for Young Leaders and Impression Session

On the final day of the School for Young Leaders of President Ivanov, before the Closing Ceremony, the participants had three lectures and an Impression Session.

The participants had the pleasure of following first the lecture delivered by Dr. Rashela Mizrahi, a parliamentarian in the Macedonian Assembly. By sharing her personal story, she motivated participants never to give up on their visions, desires, and goals.

Immediately after, Dr. Aleksandar Mitov, an expert in public health and a former participant in the first cohort of the School for Young Leaders, shared his perspective on expressing leadership skills. He emphasized the importance of possessing these skills and discussed how a leader should act in both personal and professional environments.

As the final speaker, a Member of the Parliament of Macedonia, a professor at the Faculty of Law in Skopje and a presidential candidate in the presidential elections in 2019, Prof. Dr. Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, provided exceptional insight into various aspects of leadership, examining them from both a professorial and political standpoint, and thoroughly addressed the questions posed by the School’s participants.

The Impression Session at the conclusion of the program served as a reflective and appreciative moment. A brief sum-up of the key components of the Impression Session: Evaluation of the Program, Evaluation of the Organizers, Evaluation of the Lecturers and Signing Memorabilia Book.

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