Day 1 – Official Online Opening of the 14 School for Young Leaders

The online section of the 14th School for Young Leaders of President Ivanov started on October 7, 2023. The theme of the School this year is “Education – Transformation – Leadership”.
The School for Young Leaders of President Ivanov takes place in the period October 7-19, 2023 and is organized by the Cabinet of former President Ivanov in partnership with the International Center Alliance of Civilizations and the Alumni Association “Ivanov School for Leaders” – ISLAA. During the first four days, the lectures are held online on the Zoom platform, and the participants will have the opportunity to listen to the rest of the lectures live in Ohrid.

After the official start of the program by the Moderator, Dr. Daniel Gjokjeski, and the presentation of the participants and a brief introduction to the program, former President Gjorge Ivanov addressed the School for Young Leaders, who greeted the participants and welcomed them to the School. President Ivanov referred to the topic of the School “Education – Transformation – Leadership”, and how important it is for the young person to be educated and educated because real leaders will have a key role in solving the problems that originate from global topics. New ideas and visions for the world are necessary, and that remains the task of the young man. Through this School, young people will acquire knowledge and skills on how to transform themselves in order to adapt to the new world, to the challenges that exist on a planetary level. Young generations need a new optimism that will allow them to use new technologies and all the benefits of the new age to face all life’s challenges more easily. It is necessary to restore hope among young people that changes will happen for the better, but only if the young person turns to himself and his loved ones, to think positively, but to keep a critical opinion because that is the key to keeping life quality and safe.

After the address of President Ivanov, Mr. Zlatko Lagumdžija, former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and current Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations, also addressed the audience, who gave his review of the challenges of the modern world, the health and safety problems with facing humanity, as well as the digital transformation that is happening to the world.

The 14th School for Young Leaders of President Ivanov continuously confirms its commitment to creating new generations of young leaders in the areas they come from, while enabling them, through the lectures they will listen to and the contacts they will create, to further develop and personal and professional.
We express our gratitude to our sponsors and supporters who helped us realize this School for the 14th time, Hotel Inex Olgica Ohrid, TAV Macedonia, Turkish Airlines, Delfino, HalkBank, Vitaminka, Alkaloid, Petrol Oil, A1 Macedonia, Skopska Pivara, DMS, Comfy Angel, Motiva, and we are especially grateful that this year our supporter is the Office of TIKA – Agency for Cooperation and Coordination of Turkey in Skopje.

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