Successful 3rd day of the 13th School for Young Leaders of President Ivanov

The lecture took place on the Zoom platform. Daniel Gjokjeski was in charge of moderating the session.

The first lecture was on the topic “The Psychological Aspect of Moral and Ethics” which was delivered by Prof. Dr. Atanas Kirjakovski, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the International Balkan University. Professor Kirjakovski made a thorough review of the psychology of moral and ethics as separate philosophical concepts. Through his presentation, the professor clearly defined the key terms and divisions of these concepts before the participants and indicated excellent examples that served to understand the psychological aspects of morality and ethics.

In the second part of today’s activities, Prof. Dr. Viktorija Trajkov, Professor of Political marketing at the University of Tourism and Management, gave a short but well-conceived lecture in which she presented the tasks the participants will work on during the School, and then continued with the group work with the participants. These groups will continue to work together at the next interactive lectures of prof. Trajkov, who will be part of the School for Young Leaders on two more occasions.