Successful 12th day of the 13th School for Young Leaders of President Ivanov

The 12th successful day of the School for Young Leaders started with the lecture of Aleksandar Mitov, MD, expert of public health. He was, also, a participant of the first President Ivanov’s School for Young Leaders. Dr. Mitov, shared his positive experience from the School, as well as how much it helped him in his personal and professional development. In front of the participants, he spoke about moral leadership, its principles and its characteristics.

Then Dr. Rashela Mizrahi, Member of Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia addressed the audience. To the great satisfaction of the participants, she answered numerous questions related to leadership, women in politics and the challenges she goes through in political processes.

In addition, a panel discussion on the topic “Leadership in Times of Global Crisis” was held with Dr. Aleksandar Mitov, MD, Dr. Rashela Mizrahi, Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Kirjakovski and Prof. Dr. Jovan Donev. The panel discussion was conceived in such a way that the participants of the School had the opportunity to ask questions to the professors from the relevant field they come from and receive answers to them. A thorough discussion on different topics emerged; on the economic, energetic and military crises, current political happenings, the process of digitalization, current social flows etc.

Mr. Eser Cevahir, a member of the board of directors of Cevahir and Ms. Gózde Dizdar, founder of GD Global also addressed the event. They unselfishly shared with those involved the vast experience they gained in the business sector. In the lecture, they put a special emphasis on the leadership of the generations that take over and change the world. Also, they gave really impressive answers to the questions by the participants.

Link to the FB post

Link to the FB post