for Young Leaders

of President Ivanov

Why this training program?

International School

An international training program that brings together distinguished lecturers and participants from both Macedonia and abroad. This vibrant mix of perspectives and backgrounds creates a rich learning environment where ideas flow freely and cultural exchange flourishes. The program is designed to broaden your horizons, fostering connections among like-minded individuals from different corners of the globe. Utilizing his extensive network and experience, President Ivanov taps into his vast contacts to curate an exceptional lineup of distinguished speakers. These influential figures include renowned political leaders and highly respected names in academia, bringing their expertise and insights to enrich your learning experience. Prepare to be inspired and intellectually stimulated by the diverse perspectives and wealth of knowledge these esteemed speakers bring to the program.

Program in English Language

A global learning opportunity at the School for Young Leaders, where the entire program is conducted in English. This deliberate choice enables young participants from diverse backgrounds and countries around the world to access and engage in the program. By fostering an English-speaking environment, we promote international dialogue, cultural exchange, and the development of a global network of aspiring young leaders.

Interactive Classes

A program crafted exclusively for young participants, with a keen focus on fulfilling their thirst for knowledge. Our program is thoughtfully designed and adapted to cater to the unique learning needs and aspirations of young individuals. An enriching environment that nurtures curiosity, encourages exploration, and empowers young minds to acquire valuable knowledge. By engaging in diverse discussions and collaborative activities, you'll enhance your communication skills and gain a deeper appreciation for global perspectives. Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with a diverse community in this inclusive setting.

Variety of Sessions

A dynamic blend of online and in-person sessions at our program. A wide range of engaging activities, including lectures, workshops, projects, group work, presentations, panel discussions, movie screening and discussions, etc. Exploring diverse session formats that enhance your learning journey.

Alumni Association

Embark on a transformative journey at our School, but rest assured that the connections and collaborations forged here extend beyond its conclusion. The Alumni Association ISLAA ensures that your networking and collaboration opportunities continue long after the School ends. Embrace a lifelong journey of growth and development with us.

Because you are ready to become a LEADER.

Enroll now in the School for Young Leaders of President Ivanov. Become part of an extraordinary community comprised of aspiring young leaders from diverse backgrounds and with varied interests. Expand your network, foster lifelong friendships, and gain invaluable insights from your fellow participants. Join us today and embark on a transformative journey of growth, learning, and leadership development.

“Leadership means influence because a leader without influence is a person without authority. I will give you a personal example. I became President thanks to my students who became politicians and decision-makers. And what does a professor do when he becomes President? The answer is simple. He opens his own School.”


President of the Republic of Macedonia 2009-2019
address on the occasion of receiving the 2018 Grand Award for the Best World Leader Investing in a New Generation by the World Business Angels Investment Forum
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