Day 6 – First Lectures in Ohrid

The sixth day of the School for Young Leaders was the first day with lectures in person in Hotel Inex Olgica in Ohrid, following the Official Opening of the in-person part of the program last night.

The program began with a lecture by Dr. Ismail Serageldin, director of the Alexandria Library. With his impressive presentation, he captured the importance of education to young leaders, he also talked about the transformation process caused by the development of digitalization and encouraged them to become leaders in everything they do.

The second lecture for today was held by Prof.Dr. Atanas Kirjakovski, dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the International Balkan University, who addressed leadership in detail from a psychological and sociological perspective and encouraged the participants to have a productive discussion.

The third lecture was given by Ambassador Ivica Bocevski, who shared his experience in politics, and what experiences he faced during his career. It attracted a lot of attention and inspired the participants to ask a lot of questions related to his political and professional engagements.

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