Day 5 – Official Opening of the in-person part of the School

On the fifth day of the program, the in-person sessions of the 14th School for Young Leaders started with the Official Opening Ceremony in Hotel Inex Olgica in Ohrid.

The former President of the Republic of Macedonia, Prof. Dr. Gjorge Ivanov officially opened the School and welcomed the young leaders to Ohrid. He indicated to the young leaders to never lose hope and patience and to always think positively, to be ready to continuously educate and develop, and they can achieve this with self-criticism, confidence and self-reflection. He also wished them to acquire new friendships, new leadership skills and new knowledge that will prepare them to face the challenges of their life path more easily.
After his welcoming address, the former Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prof. Dr. Mladen Ivanić, spoke about leadership, about the decisions they have to make and that those same decisions will not always be accepted by others, but that is a characteristic of real leaders.

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